Salsgiver, Inc. is offering DSL thru NPTC (North Pittsburgh Telephone Company). Salsgiver, Inc. has decided to use the wireline DSL in areas where wireless service is not currently available.

Salsgiver, Inc. is rolling out a wireless product to eliminate some of the current techincal issues associated with wireline DSL and provids advanced services on wireless that can't be found in wireline. You can signup and find out more information from the following link

Check out the following NPTC DSL products...

Business Grade DSL Services

This service is currently only available if you have North Pittsburgh Telephone Service (NPTC).

What you get:

  • 24 Hour a day connection
  • No chance of busy signals
  • Downloads up to 20 times faster than standard modems
  • Upload speeds many times faster than cable modems
  • The reliability of telephone service
What it will cost:
Setup: $170 for SDSL modem plus you will need an ethernet card if your computer does not have one.  The modem and setup charges are required.

Package A:
768K Full Internet Server Capability with a real Internet Address that will accept external connections.  The monthly cost is $200

Package B:
768k DSL (multiuser with invalid Internet addresses)  
$125 per month

Package B allows 5MB of space for a website at either or with an additional $30 monthly charge.
(a $25 setup fee and $70 2-year Internic fee are required for new domains, there are no additional charges for the address)

Package A assumes you will be running your own server.  Additional bandwidth charges may apply for ALL users that sustain the maximum transfer rate.

Personal DSL - Available for home use ONLY

768k DSL with invalid Internet address
$50 per month plus $170 for modem

Ask about our network routers that allow you to connect your entire LAN to the Internet with a secure connection.  Pricing for these routers start at $100.

We understand this service will be available in about 97% of NPTC's service area, to signup or find out more information about business grade DSL service availability call us at 724-295-1970 or send e-mail to