Wireless Broadband
Internet Access

What is wireless broadband?
Is always on, no dial-up, fast and reliable internet!

How much will it cost?

Pricing starts at $50 per month for personal accounts. Corporate accounts are also available. In addition to the monthly fee there will be a one time $150 setup charge for residential customers. This charge does not cover the cost of the modem, just the installation. Salsgiver, Inc. will own all modems unless specifically purchased by the customer. Any subscriber who cancels the service MUST return the modem to Salsgiver, Inc. within 5 business days. Any subscriber who fails to return the modem within the 5 business days will be responsible for the total cost of the modem ( up to $1500 ).

What kind of special equipment do I need?

Salsgiver, Inc. will supply the modem. Your computer needs to have an ethernet card installed in it. For an additional charge, we can install an ethernet card in your computer if necessary.

Can I get it where I live?

As of October 1st, 2001 there are 3 wireless sites online. They cover parts of Sarver, Freeport, and most of Natrona Heights. We are deploying the wireless network based upon customer demand. Please fill out our brief survey and help us offer service in your area soon.

Why wireless broadband instead of telephone company supplied dsl or cable modems?

There are no basic subscription costs or contracts associated with the service. The wireless service is not resold to other third party companies. As a result Salsgiver, Inc. has a complete control over the quality and capacity of the network. This makes the service fast and reliable.

Get on the list for wireless broadband

Click here put your name on the list of people interested in wireless broadband There is no obligation. This survey will serve only to help us determine the areas of greatest interest.
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