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Privacy Policy

Salsgiver Inc. has developed this privacy statement for you, the visitor, to demonstrate our commitment to privacy . The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for

Collection of Personal Information from Site Visitors

Salsgiver Inc. may collect and/or track (1) the home server domain names, e-mail addresses, type of client computer, and type of Web browser of visitors to the Salsgiver Web site, (2) the e-mail addresses of visitors that communicate with Salsgiver via e-mail, (3) information knowingly provided by the visitor in online forms, registration forms, surveys, and contest entries (including demographic and personal profile data), and (4) aggregate and user-specific information on which pages visitors access.

Salsgiver may place Internet "cookies" on visitors' hard drives. Internet cookies save data about individual visitors, such as the visitor's name, password, user-name, shopping cart, screen preferences, the pages of a site viewed by the visitor, and the advertisements viewed or clicked by the visitor. When the visitor revisits the Salsgiver Web site, Salsgiver may recognize the visitor by the Internet cookie and customize the visitor's experience accordingly. Visitors may decline Internet cookies, if any, by using the appropriate feature of their Web client software, if available.

Use of Personal Data Collected

We do not use or disclose information about your individual visits to Salsgiver anywhere or information that you may give us, such as your name, address, email address or telephone number, to any outside companies. User logs, passwords and other sensitive information can only be obtained by court order. Personal data collected by Salsgiver may be used internally by Salsgiver employees for editorial and feedback purposes, for marketing and promotional purposes, for a statistical analysis of users' behavior, for product development, for content improvement, to inform advertisers as to how many visitors have seen or clicked on their advertisements, or to customize the content and layout of Salsgiver's site.

Security Measures

Salsgiver has implemented numerous security features to prevent the unauthorized release of or access to personal information. In particular, when a visitor places an order on this site (if any) or accesses his or her account information (if any), Salsgiver offers the visitor the ability to use a secure server. The secure server encrypts all information a visitor inputs before it is sent to Salsgiver, and is also used to securely store personal information.

Salsgiver's Right to Contact User

Salsgiver reserves the right to contact site visitors regarding account status and changes to the subscriber agreement, privacy policy, or any other policies or agreements relevant to Salsgiver users.