Windows 95 Connection Guide for Salsgiver, Inc.

1) Click on the "Start" menu. Go to "Programs", then go to "Accessories", then go to "Internet Tools". If you see "Get on the Internet", continue to Step 2. If you see the "Internet Setup Wizard", continue with Step 3.

2) The first window will say Get Connected. Click the Next button. - The next window should be labeled Set-up Options. Select "Manual", and click Next. - The next window will say Welcome to Internet Setup. Click Next. - The next window will ask how you want to connect. Select "Using Phone Line". Click Next. - The next window asks you if you want to use Windows Messaging to send and receive email. This is your personal preference (you can use any email software you like). - The next window lets you know that Windows 95 will now install files. You should have your Windows 95 CD-ROM or installation disks available. Click the Next button. - The next window will be Service Provider Information. Type "Salsgiver" in the box where it asks for "Name of Service Provider". - The next window is labeled Phone number. This is not your phone number. This is our phone number, which your modem will dial to connect to the Internet. Type in the appropriate phone number, located on your User Account Information Sheet. If you are unsure of which number to dial, contact your local phone company, and ask them which number would be local for you (Salsgiver, Inc. can not be held responsible for long distance telephone charges). - You may be prompted to type in your login name and password, which are also located on the User Account Information Sheet (Remember, the login name and password are case sensitive. A lower case letter and an upper case letter are NOT the same. Most login names and passwords are in lower case). - The next window will be IP Address. Select "My Internet Service Provider Assigns Me One". - The next window is labeled Domain Server Address. The DNS Server is and the Alternate DNS Server is - The next window may ask you for your email address, which is on the User Account Information Sheet. The "Internet Mail Server" is - The next window is labeled Windows Messaging Profile. Click on the Next button. - The next window is labeled Complete Configuration. Click on the Finish button.

3) Now you want to double click on "My Computer", and then "Control Panel". Once you are in the control panel, double click on the "Network" icon. - When the window opens it will say, "The following network components are installed:". The only things that should be there are "Dial-up Adapter" and "TCP/IP". If there is anything else listed, you can delete it by clicking on it once, and clicking on the Remove button. - Double click on "TCP/IP". This will bring up a window called TCP/IP Properties. Under the "IP Address" tab, you want to have "Obtain an IP Address Automatically" selected. - The next tab is the "WINS Configuration" tab. You want to select "Disable WINS Resolution". - Click on "Gateway". Type in the "New Gateway" box, and click the Add button. - The "DNS Configuration" tab should have "Enable DNS" selected. The host box should have your username (your email address minus and the domain box should have - Directly below that is "DNS Server Search Order". Type in the box with the three dots and click on the Add button. Then type in in the same box, and click Add again. - Click the OK button at the bottom of the window. This will take you back to the Network window. Click OK. Windows will ask you if you would like to restart the computer. Say yes.

4) After your computer reboots, double click on Internet Explorer or your email program to connect to the Internet.

If you have any difficulty, experience problems connecting or using the Internet, don't hesitate to call our technical support at (724) 295-1970, or email