RedHat Linux instructions for automatic dialing

The following are instructions for setting up redhat linux to dial out to the internet only when you need to make the connection. Whenever you try to access anything that needs the internet such as a webpage, ftp, or telnet it will automatically dial your PPP connection to us and stay up for an amount of time you set before automatically disconnecting until your machine needs internet access again.

1) Download these two files from our FTP site:

2) Go to the directory where you downloaded them to and execute the following commands under a root account:

rpm -Uvh diald-0.16.4-1.i386.rpm

rpm -Uvh diald-config-0.1-1.i386.rpm

3) Edit the file /etc/diald.conf to your preferences. The only thing you should need to change in there is the idle time disconnect in seconds to the desired idle disconnect.

4) Edit the file /etc/diald/connect to reflect the settings for Salsgiver. All you should have to change are the phone number and enter a login name and password within the quotes provided.

5) Edit /etc/rc.d/rc.local and at the end simple type diald and save.

6) Reboot the machine and it should now automatically connect with use when PPP services are needed.