Windows 95 without Plus Setup for Salsgiver Inc.

Double click the My Computer Icon
Select the Control Panel Icon
Select the Network Icon

Select TCP/IP Dialup Adapter
       Hit the Properties Button

Under the IP Address tab
       Select obtain IP address automatically

Under DNS Configuration Tab
       Select enable DNS
       Set host:
       Set domain:
       In DNS Server Search Order Box type
       Hit the Add Button

Under Gateway Tab
       Press the ADD button
       Hit OK all the way out 

Restart the computer when prompted

Select My Computer Icon
Select Dial-up Networking Screen 
Double Click Make New Connection Icon
       	Type Salsgiver
	Select Modem you are using
	Hit Next button
	Type in telephone number (724 295-XXXX or 412 820-XXXX listed on sheet)
	Hit Next button
	Hit Finish button
Click on Salsgiver Icon with right mouse button
       	Select properties

Hit the Configure Button 
       Select Options tab at top
       Check bring up terminal window after dialing 
       Hit the OK button

Click Server Type button
       PPP, Windows 95, Windows NT 3.5, Internet (should be selected)

Check only the following:
       Check Log onto the Network
       Check Enable software compression
       Check NetBEUI
       Check IPX/SPX compatible
       Check TCP/IP

Click on TCP/IP settings button
       Select server assigned IP addresses
       Select - specify name server address
       Type in Primary DNS box
       Type in Secondary DNS box
       Check use IP header compression
       Check use default gateway on remote network
       Hit ok all the way out

Double click Salsgiver Icon in Dial-up Networking 
Click connect

Once the terminal window opens, enter your login and password manually.  
Press the F7 key to continue when you see Starting PPP{{{()))){{}}
You should see the system connected and a duration timer running.