Newsgroups for Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 2.0 supports newsgroups. Earlier versions do not. If you get to step 4 below and don't have a NEWS tab, then you have a version which does not support newsgroups.

1. Open and connect the Internet Explorer window
2. Click on the word VIEW above the tool bar to get the drop down menu
3. Click on OPTIONS to get the settings window
4. Click on the NEWS tab
5. Check the read news box with a click
6. At settings box type news server address ""
7. Click on APPLY then on OK

Now you're ready to load the news groups.

Click on the NEWS PAPER ICON in the tool bar and it will connect and start
down loading. This takes awhile so be patient. Once it's complete, you can
scroll down and select the groups that interest you. When you find the ones
you like add them to your FAVORITE LOCATIONS above your tool bar.