OK... It's that time again. Time to upgrade!

Because of the increased demand in our Oakmont POP we will be ordering additional lines. Those not familiar with the technology we use may find this interesting, however some others may find this boring. Anyway here it goes...

Our digital connections use a technology called ISDN PRI T-1 service. Basically its a line that you can get up to 24 users on at a time. These lines also support any analog speed up to USR X2 56K* and ISDN. In order to increase our dialup capacity we will be installing an additional line of this type.

Now here is the contest!

Anyone can enter. But only one entry allowed per valid email address.

First place is 3 months of free access to Salsgiver and a "Will Internet for Food" T-shirt.

Second and Third places will receive a "Will Internet for Food" T-shirt. Sorry sizes are limited.

Here is how the contest is scored! The closest entry to the date of actual install (without going over) submitted before December 15th will be eligible for the First Place prize. Entries entered after December 15th will only be eligile for the T-shirts.

HINT! Typical 'quoted' delivery times are 4-6 weeks :(
the order was placed December 1, 1997.

It's time to guess! Please remeber to submit the date, time, year, and your return email address.


*connect rates vary depending on the quality of the lines from your location to the central office

This contest is sponsored by Salsgiver Inc. and retains absolute authority of the rules, distribution, and validation of contest winners.