Setting up Exchange for Sending and Receiving E-Mail:

- Double click on Inbox Icon on Desktop
- Select Tools then Services
- Double Click on Internet Mail
- Full Name: (your name)
- Email addres: (
  (For example,
- Internet Mail Server:
- Account Name: (your login name)
  (For example, jsmith)
- Password: (your password)

Hit the Connection Tab: - Check Connect using Network (This keeps the computer from dialing again while you are sending mail) - Do *NOT* check Work off-line and use Remote Mail. - Hit OK - Close Exchange and then Open it again for changes to take effect.

To Send Mail:

- Select Compose Menu, then New Message - Type in email address To: (For example, - Type in Subject of Message (This is optional) - Type in message in large box. - Hit the Yellow Envelope in tool bar on the far right hand side. - Select Tools, then Deliver Now

To Receive Mail:

- Select Tools, then Deliver Now - Double Click on Inbox - Double Click on message to read it.
Use this MS Exchange tuturial for further help on how to use Microsoft Exchange to send and receive mail.